Google Mobile Website Test

Is your website mobile friendly?

Test it here by going to Google’s free mobile responsive test tool:

Don’t feel embarrassed if your website fails because we have tested our competitors websites and many of them fail on this test or in one case when we checked out their website on our mobile phone their images did not load properly and in this particular case it is one of the largest digital media companies in Canada.

Remember, your website is not about “flashy” over done graphics that strut your ego all over the internet. It is about the visitors experience, providing them with what they need to know as quickly as possible about your business so they can make the choice within a millisecond that you are a company they want to contact regarding their needs.

If your website is not mobile friendly, Google will reduce your search score from mobile devices!
Why do you care? The largest user trend on the internet these days is that there is a huge shift in online activity away from computers to mobile devices.

Google Mobile Friendly test