Reasons why not to use WIX for your website

If you are using or considering to use services like WIX to develop their website, you should read this now.

  • WIX is a third party web design tool that is hosted on their server NOT yours where your website is.
  • The content of your website is not in your possession and you do not own it – if they shut their service down, you lose your website
  • You are paying to host your domain name on a server but nothing is there – you redirect people to WIX without them knowing it
  • Your website’s URL’s ie: becomes something like¬†!content/c2kp which is not SEO friendly
  • WIX websites do not typically pass the Google Mobile Responsiveness test causing you to have reduced SEO ranking in Google – try your website here
  • WIX websites on a mobile phone do not transition to mobile style and are full page format causing people to have a hard time viewing the page and stretching it with their fingers so they can read the text
  • Read what this person said about Wix issues:
  • Another review with 5 reasons not to us WIX:
This article is intended to help people understand their choices about web development and educate them so they can make decisions based on knowledge. We recommend the use of WordPress to develop most websites.