CRM For WordPress

Customer Relationship Management – CRM For WordPress.

Our own “Dynamic-CRM” WordPress custom designed to meet your needs!

We have developed our own CRM for WordPress to help you manage your sales team keep track of prospects, customers and sales.

We created this because we needed a CRM but were not willing to pay thousands of dollars per year for our sales team and management to keep track of our business and you shouldn’t either!


  • WP-admin user profile called “Salesperson” with set permissions to only see their customers/prospects, opportunities, quotes and sales
  • WP-admin user with “Administrator” profile can view all sales people’s activity along with leads, quotes etc. to help mentor them and ensure your leads are not lost.
  • Create “Customer” profiles for prospects and customers with company name, contact name, contact info, notes etc.
  • Create “Opportunities” by selecting “Company Name” from drop down list of “Customers” with the following features;
    • type of product they are interested in
    • how salesperson found them ie: cold call, referral etc.
    • “creation date” for Opportunity
    • “call back” date for Opportunity
    • likeliness of closing ie: percentage
    • rating “hot, medium, cold”
    • “forecast value” to see how much money is in the pipe
  • Search and filter for “call back” dates so your salespeople can stay on top of leads to turn them into deals.
  • We also have a full quoting and invoice module to take this to the next level so you can send quotes to your prospects and turn them into invoices and customers. We can also custom design it for your own needs.

You would own this CRM for ever and never have to pay fees after we install it for you.

Why pay $30 per month per user for many of the CRM’s on the market? You will pay thousands of dollars per year and over time the amount you will pay in 5 years or more is ridiculous!

We can modify and add more features to our Dynamic-CRM plugin for you to be extactly what you want it to be for a lot less than what the others are charging.

This plugin can be installed “as is” from as low as $375. You can add as many sales people and users as you like. It is unlimited and no extra cost, ever!

Contact us today to discuss and get a quote for your needs.

Toll Free: 1-877-734-8204

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